class Net::IMAP::UnparsedNumericResponseData

Note: This represents an intentionally unstable API. Where instances of this class are returned, future releases may return a different (incompatible) object without deprecation or warning.

Net::IMAP::UnparsedNumericResponseData represents data for unhandled response types with a numeric prefix. See the documentation for number.

See also: UnparsedData, ExtensionData, IgnoredResponse

Public Instance Methods

number → integer click to toggle source

Returns a numeric response data prefix, when available.

Many response types are prefixed with a non-negative number. For message data, number may represent a sequence number or a UID. For mailbox data, number may represent a message count.

# File net-imap-, line 95
unparsed_data → string click to toggle source

The unparsed data, not including number or UntaggedResponse#name.

# File net-imap-, line 105