class Net::IMAP::UntaggedResponse

Net::IMAP::UntaggedResponse represents untagged responses.

Data transmitted by the server to the client and status responses that do not indicate command completion are prefixed with the token "*", and are called untagged responses.

Public Instance Methods

data → object or nil click to toggle source

The parsed response data, e.g: an array of flag symbols, an array of capabilities strings, a ResponseText object, a MailboxList object, a FetchData object, a Namespaces object, etc. The response name determines what form the data can take.

# File net-imap-, line 44
name → string click to toggle source

The uppercase response name, e.g. “FLAGS”, “LIST”, “FETCH”, etc.

# File net-imap-, line 38
raw_data → string click to toggle source

The raw response data.

# File net-imap-, line 53