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Option write_converters

Specifies converters to be used in generating fields. See Write Converters

Default value:

CSV::DEFAULT_OPTIONS.fetch(:write_converters) # => nil

With no write converter:

str = CSV.generate_line(["\na\n", "\tb\t", " c "])
str # => "\"\na\n\",\tb\t, c \n"

With a write converter:

strip_converter = proc {|field| field.strip }
str = CSV.generate_line(["\na\n", "\tb\t", " c "], write_converters: strip_converter)
str # => "a,b,c\n"

With two write converters (called in order):

upcase_converter = proc {|field| field.upcase }
downcase_converter = proc {|field| field.downcase }
write_converters = [upcase_converter, downcase_converter]
str = CSV.generate_line(['a', 'b', 'c'], write_converters: write_converters)
str # => "a,b,c\n"

See also Write Converters

Raises an exception if the converter returns a value that is neither nil nor String-convertible:

bad_converter = proc {|field| }
# Raises NoMethodError (undefined method `is_a?' for #<BasicObject:>)
CSV.generate_line(['a', 'b', 'c'], write_converters: bad_converter)