class CGI::Session::PStore

PStore-based session storage class.

This builds upon the top-level PStore class provided by the library file pstore.rb. Session data is marshalled and stored in a file. File locking and transaction services are provided.

Public Class Methods

new(session, option={}) click to toggle source

Create a new CGI::Session::PStore instance

This constructor is used internally by CGI::Session. The user does not generally need to call it directly.

session is the session for which this instance is being created. The session id must only contain alphanumeric characters; automatically generated session ids observe this requirement.

option is a hash of options for the initializer. The following options are recognised:


the directory to use for storing the PStore file. Defaults to Dir::tmpdir (generally “/tmp” on Unix systems).


the prefix to add to the session id when generating the filename for this session’s PStore file. Defaults to the empty string.

This session’s PStore file will be created if it does not exist, or opened if it does.

# File cgi/session/pstore.rb, line 46
def initialize(session, option={})
  option = {'suffix'=>''}.update(option)
  path, @hash = session.new_store_file(option)
  @p =
  @p.transaction do |p|
    File.chmod(0600, p.path)

Public Instance Methods

close() click to toggle source

Update and close the session’s PStore file.

# File cgi/session/pstore.rb, line 75
def close
delete() click to toggle source

Close and delete the session’s PStore file.

# File cgi/session/pstore.rb, line 80
def delete
  path = @p.path
  File::unlink path
restore() click to toggle source

Restore session state from the session’s PStore file.

Returns the session state as a hash.

# File cgi/session/pstore.rb, line 58
def restore
  unless @hash
    @p.transaction do
      @hash = @p['hash'] || {}
update() click to toggle source

Save session state to the session’s PStore file.

# File cgi/session/pstore.rb, line 68
def update
  @p.transaction do
    @p['hash'] = @hash