class Net::IMAP::ThreadMember

Net::IMAP::ThreadMember represents a thread-node returned by Net::IMAP#thread.

Public Instance Methods

children → array of ThreadMember click to toggle source

An array of Net::IMAP::ThreadMember objects for mail items that are children of this in the thread.

# File net-imap-, line 772
seqno → Integer click to toggle source

The message sequence number.

# File net-imap-, line 766
to_sequence_set() click to toggle source

Returns a SequenceSet containing seqno and all children‘s seqno, recursively.

# File net-imap-, line 780
def to_sequence_set all_seqnos

Protected Instance Methods

all_seqnos(node = self) click to toggle source
# File net-imap-, line 786
def all_seqnos(node = self)
  [node.seqno].concat node.children.flat_map { _1.all_seqnos }