module Net::IMAP::BodyStructure

Net::IMAP::BodyStructure is included by all of the structs that can be returned from a "BODYSTRUCTURE" or "BODY" FetchData#attr value. Although these classes don’t share a base class, this module can be used to pattern match all of them.

See [IMAP4rev1] §7.4.2 and [IMAP4rev2] §7.5.2 for full description of all BODYSTRUCTURE fields, and also Message envelope and body structure at Net::IMAP for other relevant RFCs.

Classes that include BodyStructure


Represents any message parts that are not handled by BodyTypeText, BodyTypeMessage, or BodyTypeMultipart.


Used by text/* parts. Contains all of the BodyTypeBasic fields.


Used by message/rfc822 and message/global parts. Contains all of the BodyTypeBasic fields. Other message/* types should use BodyTypeBasic.


for multipart/* parts