class Set

Public Class Methods

json_create(object) click to toggle source

See as_json.

# File json/lib/json/add/set.rb, line 9
def self.json_create(object)
  new object['a']

Public Instance Methods

as_json(*) click to toggle source

Methods Set#as_json and Set.json_create may be used to serialize and deserialize a Set object; see Marshal.

Method Set#as_json serializes self, returning a 2-element hash representing self:

require 'json/add/set'
x = bar baz/).as_json
# => {"json_class"=>"Set", "a"=>["foo", "bar", "baz"]}

Method JSON.create deserializes such a hash, returning a Set object:

Set.json_create(x) # => #<Set: {"foo", "bar", "baz"}>
# File json/lib/json/add/set.rb, line 28
def as_json(*)
    JSON.create_id =>,
    'a'            => to_a,
to_json(*args) click to toggle source

Returns a JSON string representing self:

require 'json/add/set'
puts bar baz/).to_json


# File json/lib/json/add/set.rb, line 44
def to_json(*args)