class Bundler::URI::HTTP

The syntax of HTTP URIs is defined in RFC1738 section 3.3.

Note that the Ruby Bundler::URI library allows HTTP URLs containing usernames and passwords. This is not legal as per the RFC, but used to be supported in Internet Explorer 5 and 6, before the MS04-004 security update. See <>.



An Array of the available components for Bundler::URI::HTTP.


A Default port of 80 for Bundler::URI::HTTP.

Public Class Methods

build(args) click to toggle source


Creates a new Bundler::URI::HTTP object from components, with syntax checking.

The components accepted are userinfo, host, port, path, query, and fragment.

The components should be provided either as an Array, or as a Hash with keys formed by preceding the component names with a colon.

If an Array is used, the components must be passed in the order [userinfo, host, port, path, query, fragment].


uri = '', path: '/foo/bar')

uri =[nil, "", nil, "/path",
  "query", 'fragment'])

Currently, if passed userinfo components this method generates invalid HTTP URIs as per RFC 1738.

Calls superclass method Bundler::URI::Generic::build
# File bundler/vendor/uri/lib/uri/http.rb, line 60
  tmp = Util.make_components_hash(self, args)

Public Instance Methods

request_uri() click to toggle source


Returns the full path for an HTTP request, as required by Net::HTTP::Get.

If the Bundler::URI contains a query, the full path is Bundler::URI#path + ‘?’ + Bundler::URI#query. Otherwise, the path is simply Bundler::URI#path.


uri = '/foo/bar', query: 'test=true')
uri.request_uri #  => "/foo/bar?test=true"
# File bundler/vendor/uri/lib/uri/http.rb, line 78
def request_uri
  return unless @path

  url = @query ? "#@path?#@query" : @path.dup
  url.start_with?(?/.freeze) ? url : ?/ + url