class Minitest::Mock

A simple and clean mock object framework.

All mock objects are an instance of Mock

Public Instance Methods

expect(name, retval, args = [], &blk) click to toggle source

Expect that method name is called, optionally with args or a blk, and returns retval.

@mock.expect(:meaning_of_life, 42)
@mock.meaning_of_life # => 42

@mock.expect(:do_something_with, true, [some_obj, true])
@mock.do_something_with(some_obj, true) # => true

@mock.expect(:do_something_else, true) do |a1, a2|
  a1 == "buggs" && a2 == :bunny

args is compared to the expected args using case equality (ie, the ‘===’ operator), allowing for less specific expectations.

@mock.expect(:uses_any_string, true, [String])
@mock.uses_any_string("foo") # => true
@mock.verify  # => true

@mock.expect(:uses_one_string, true, ["foo"])
@mock.uses_one_string("bar") # => raises MockExpectationError

If a method will be called multiple times, specify a new expect for each one. They will be used in the order you define them.

@mock.expect(:ordinal_increment, 'first')
@mock.expect(:ordinal_increment, 'second')

@mock.ordinal_increment # => 'first'
@mock.ordinal_increment # => 'second'
@mock.ordinal_increment # => raises MockExpectationError "No more expects available for :ordinal_increment"
# File minitest-5.14.2/lib/minitest/mock.rb, line 81
def expect name, retval, args = [], &blk
  name = name.to_sym

  if block_given?
    raise ArgumentError, "args ignored when block given" unless args.empty?
    @expected_calls[name] << { :retval => retval, :block => blk }
    raise ArgumentError, "args must be an array" unless Array === args
    @expected_calls[name] << { :retval => retval, :args => args }
verify() click to toggle source

Verify that all methods were called as expected. Raises MockExpectationError if the mock object was not called as expected.

# File minitest-5.14.2/lib/minitest/mock.rb, line 108
def verify
  @expected_calls.each do |name, expected|
    actual = @actual_calls.fetch(name, nil)
    raise MockExpectationError, "expected #{__call name, expected[0]}" unless actual
    raise MockExpectationError, "expected #{__call name, expected[actual.size]}, got [#{__call name, actual}]" if
      actual.size < expected.size