class Psych::Nodes::Sequence

This class represents a YAML sequence.

A YAML sequence is basically a list, and looks like this:

%YAML 1.1
- I am
- a Sequence

A YAML sequence may have an anchor like this:

%YAML 1.1
&A [
  "This sequence",
  "has an anchor"

A YAML sequence may also have a tag like this:

%YAML 1.1
!!seq [
  "This sequence",
  "has a tag"

This class represents a sequence in a YAML document. A Psych::Nodes::Sequence node may have 0 or more children. Valid children for this node are:



Any Styles, emitter chooses


Block style sequence


Flow style sequence



The anchor for this sequence (if any)


Is this sequence started implicitly?


The sequence style used


The tag name for this sequence (if any)

Public Class Methods

new(anchor = nil, tag = nil, implicit = true, style = BLOCK) click to toggle source

Create a new object representing a YAML sequence.

anchor is the anchor associated with the sequence or nil. tag is the tag associated with the sequence or nil. implicit a boolean indicating whether or not the sequence was implicitly started. style is an integer indicating the list style.

See Psych::Handler#start_sequence

Calls superclass method Psych::Nodes::Node::new
# File psych/lib/psych/nodes/sequence.rb, line 73
def initialize anchor = nil, tag = nil, implicit = true, style = BLOCK
  @anchor   = anchor
  @tag      = tag
  @implicit = implicit
  @style    = style

Public Instance Methods

sequence?() click to toggle source
# File psych/lib/psych/nodes/sequence.rb, line 81
def sequence?; true; end