module RDoc::Generator::Markup

Handle common RDoc::Markup tasks for various CodeObjects

This module is loaded by generators. It allows RDoc’s CodeObject tree to avoid loading generator code to improve startup time for ri.

Public Instance Methods

aref_to(target_path) click to toggle source

Generates a relative URL from this object’s path to target_path

# File rdoc/generator/markup.rb, line 13
def aref_to(target_path)
  RDoc::Markup::ToHtml.gen_relative_url path, target_path
as_href(from_path) click to toggle source

Generates a relative URL from from_path to this object’s path

# File rdoc/generator/markup.rb, line 20
def as_href(from_path)
  RDoc::Markup::ToHtml.gen_relative_url from_path, path
cvs_url(url, full_path) click to toggle source

Build a webcvs URL starting for the given url with full_path appended as the destination path. If url contains ‘%s’ full_path will be will replace the %s using sprintf on the url.

# File rdoc/generator/markup.rb, line 50
def cvs_url(url, full_path)
  if /%s/ =~ url then
    sprintf url, full_path
    url + full_path
description() click to toggle source

Handy wrapper for marking up this object’s comment

# File rdoc/generator/markup.rb, line 27
def description
  markup @comment
formatter() click to toggle source

Creates an RDoc::Markup::ToHtmlCrossref formatter

# File rdoc/generator/markup.rb, line 34
def formatter
  return @formatter if defined? @formatter

  options = @store.rdoc.options
  this = RDoc::Context === self ? self : @parent

  @formatter = options, this.path, this
  @formatter.code_object = self