class DRb::GWIdConv

Gateway id conversion forms a gateway between different DRb protocols or networks.

The gateway needs to install this id conversion and create servers for each of the protocols or networks it will be a gateway between. It then needs to create a server that attaches to each of these networks. For example:

require 'drb/drb'
require 'drb/unix'
require 'drb/gw'

gw =
s1 = 'drbunix:/path/to/gateway', gw
s2 = 'druby://example:10000', gw


Each client must register services with the gateway, for example:

DRb.start_service 'drbunix:', nil # an anonymous server
gw = nil, 'drbunix:/path/to/gateway'
gw[:unix] = some_service