class Object

Public Instance Methods

CSV(*args, **options, &block) click to toggle source

Passes args to CSV::instance.

  #=> [["CSV", "data"]]

If a block is given, the instance is passed the block and the return value becomes the return value of the block.

CSV("CSV,data") { |c| { |a| a.include?("data") }
} #=> true

CSV("CSV,data") { |c| { |a| a.include?("zombies") }
} #=> false

CSV options may also be given.

io =
CSV(io, col_sep: ";") { |csv| csv << ["a", "b", "c"] }

This API is not Ractor-safe.

# File csv.rb, line 2876
def CSV(*args, **options, &block)
  CSV.instance(*args, **options, &block)