class Gem::StreamUI::SimpleProgressReporter

A basic dotted progress reporter.



The number of progress items counted so far.

Public Class Methods

new(out_stream, size, initial_message, terminal_message = "complete") click to toggle source

Creates a new progress reporter that will write to out_stream for size items. Shows the given initial_message when progress starts and the terminal_message when it is complete.

# File rubygems/user_interaction.rb, line 431
def initialize(out_stream, size, initial_message,
               terminal_message = "complete")
  @out = out_stream
  @total = size
  @count = 0
  @terminal_message = terminal_message

  @out.puts initial_message

Public Instance Methods

done() click to toggle source

Prints out the terminal message.

# File rubygems/user_interaction.rb, line 453
def done
  @out.puts "\n#{@terminal_message}"
updated(message) click to toggle source

Prints out a dot and ignores message.

# File rubygems/user_interaction.rb, line 444
def updated(message)
  @count += 1
  @out.print "."