class DidYouMean::PlainFormatter

The DidYouMean::PlainFormatter is the basic, default formatter for the gem. The formatter responds to the message_for method and it returns a human readable string.

Public Instance Methods

message_for(corrections) click to toggle source

Returns a human readable string that contains corrections. This formatter is designed to be less verbose to not take too much screen space while being helpful enough to the user.


formatter =

# displays suggestions in two lines with the leading empty line
puts formatter.message_for(["methods", "method"])

Did you mean?  methods
# => nil

# displays an empty line
puts formatter.message_for([])

# => nil
# File did_you_mean/formatters/plain_formatter.rb, line 29
def message_for(corrections)
  corrections.empty? ? "" : "\nDid you mean?  #{corrections.join("\n               ")}"