module TypeProf::CLI

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# File typeprof-0.15.2/lib/typeprof/cli.rb, line 7
def parse(argv)
  opt =

  opt.banner = "Usage: #{ opt.program_name } [options] files..."

  output = nil

  # Verbose level:
  # * 0: none
  # * 1: default level
  # * 2: debugging level
  verbose = 1

  options = {}
  dir_filter = nil
  gem_rbs_features = []
  gem_repo_dirs = []
  show_version = false
  max_sec = max_iter = nil

  opt.separator ""
  opt.separator "Options:"
  opt.on("-o OUTFILE", "Output to OUTFILE instead of stdout") {|v| output = v }
  opt.on("-q", "--quiet", "Do not display progress indicator") { options[:show_indicator] = false }
  opt.on("-v", "--verbose", "Alias to --show-errors") { options[:show_errors] = true }
  opt.on("--version", "Display typeprof version") { show_version = true }
  opt.on("-I DIR", "Add DIR to the load/require path") {|v| $LOAD_PATH << v }
  opt.on("-r FEATURE", "Require RBS of the FEATURE gem") {|v| gem_rbs_features << v }
  opt.on("--repo DIR", "Add DIR to the RBS repository") {|v| gem_repo_dirs << v }

  opt.separator ""
  opt.separator "Analysis output options:"
  opt.on("--include-dir DIR", "Include the analysis result of .rb file in DIR") do |dir|
    # When `--include-dir` option is specified as the first directory option,
    # typeprof will exclude any files by default unless a file path matches the explicit option
    dir_filter ||= [[:exclude]]
    dir_filter << [:include, File.expand_path(dir)]
  opt.on("--exclude-dir DIR", "Exclude the analysis result of .rb file in DIR") do |dir|
    # When `--exclude-dir` option is specified as the first directory option,
    # typeprof will include any files by default, except Ruby's install directory and Gem directories
    dir_filter ||= ConfigData::DEFAULT_DIR_FILTER
    dir_filter << [:exclude, File.expand_path(dir)]
  opt.on("--exclude-untyped", "Exclude (comment out) all entries including untyped") {|v| options[:exclude_untyped] = v }
  opt.on("--[no-]show-typeprof-version", "Display TypeProf version in a header") {|v| options[:show_typeprof_version] = v }
  opt.on("--[no-]show-errors", "Display possible errors found during the analysis") {|v| options[:show_errors] = v }
  opt.on("--[no-]show-untyped", "Display \"Foo | untyped\" instead of \"Foo\"") {|v| options[:show_untyped] = v }
  opt.on("--[no-]show-parameter-names", "Display parameter names for methods") {|v| options[:show_parameter_names] = v }
  opt.on("--[no-]show-source-locations", "Display definition source locations for methods") {|v| options[:show_source_locations] = v }

  opt.separator ""
  opt.separator "Analysis limit options:"
  opt.on("--max-second SECOND", Float, "Limit the maxium time of analysis (in second)") {|v| max_sec = v }
  opt.on("--max-iteration TIMES", Integer, "Limit the maxium instruction count of analysis") {|v| max_iter = v }

  opt.separator ""
  opt.separator "Advanced options:"
  opt.on("--[no-]stub-execution", "Force to call all unreachable methods with \"untyped\" arguments") {|v| options[:stub_execution] = v }
  opt.on("--type-depth-limit DEPTH", Integer, "Limit the maximum depth of nested types") {|v| options[:type_depth_limit] = v }
  opt.on("--union-width-limit WIDTH", Integer, "Limit the maximum count of class instances in one union type") {|v| options[:union_width_limit] = v }
  opt.on("--debug", "Display analysis log (for debugging purpose)") { verbose = 2 }
  opt.on("--[no-]stackprof MODE", /\Acpu|wall|object\z/, "Enable stackprof (for debugging purpose)") {|v| options[:stackprof] = v.to_sym }


  dir_filter ||= ConfigData::DEFAULT_DIR_FILTER
  rb_files = []
  rbs_files = []
  argv.each do |path|
    if File.extname(path) == ".rbs"
      rbs_files << path
      rb_files << path

  puts "typeprof #{ VERSION }" if show_version
  if rb_files.empty?
    exit if show_version
    raise"no input files")
    rb_files: rb_files,
    rbs_files: rbs_files,
    output: output,
    gem_rbs_features: gem_rbs_features,
    gem_repo_dirs: gem_repo_dirs,
    verbose: verbose,
    dir_filter: dir_filter,
    max_sec: max_sec,
    max_iter: max_iter,
    options: options,

rescue OptionParser::InvalidOption
  puts $!